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Alumni Information Update Form

We wish to maintain close links with all our graduates. In this connection, please do keep us updated about your contact information. If you have moved, changed jobs, or are not receiving our School's news and information, please simply fill in and submit the following form to us. With your updated details, we can keep you abreast of our School's news.

Personal Details

Personal Information Collection
Our School treats the personal data provided by you as strictly confidential. The data will be used by AF and the University for communication purposes, e.g. announcements of AF news, events, alumni activities, seminars and workshops, etc. We will not disclose your personal information to any external bodies unless you have been previously informed. If you wish to have access to/update your personal data, or do not wish to receive news from our School in future, please let us know by email: or by fax: (852) 2774-9364.