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Dr Tak Wai CHAU
  • Teaching Fellow
PhD, Economics
University of Rochester
2766 7031
2330 9845
Research Area:

Consulting, Research and Teaching Interests:
  • Labor Economics
  • Applied Econometrics

Dr. Chau Tak Wai obtained his Ph.D. in Economics from University of Rochester in 2010 after he obtained B.S.Sc. and M.Phil. in Economics from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has taught at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics as an Assistant Professor before returning to Hong Kong and became a Research Associate of the Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies of the Chinese University of Hong. He has also taught at The Open University of Hong Kong and City University of Hong Kong before joining The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

His major fields of research are labor economics and applied econometrics. He has published academic articles in reputable journals such as China Economic Review and Economic Letters. His current research interests include inequality and mobility in labor market, youth labor market outcomes under economic integration of Mainland China and Hong Kong. He is also interested in studying the robustness of econometric tools that empirical researchers may have taken for granted.

His area of teaching is microeconomics, econometrics, labor economics and Chinese economy at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

“Testing the Collective Model of Household Labor Supply: Evidence from China,” (with H. Li, P.W. Liu and J. Zhang) China Economic Review, 2007, (18) 389-402.

“Intergenerational Income Mobility Revisited: Estimation with an Income Dynamic Model with Heterogeneous Age Profile” Economics Letters, 2012, 117(3), 770-773.

“On the Equivalence of Indirect Inference and Bootstrap Bias Correction for Linear IV Estimators” Economics Letters, 2014, 123(3), 333-335.