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Dr Sunny SUN
  • Assistant Professor
  • Coordinator (Student Service/ Industry Relation)
BEcon, PhD
PhD, Accounting
City University of Hong Kong
2766 7063
2330 9845
Research Area:

Consulting, Research and Teaching Interests:
  • Auditing
  • Corporate disclosure
  • Corporate governance and compensation

Dr. Sunny Sun joined the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2004, after she completed her PhD in Accounting at the City University of Hong Kong.   She has taught widely in different subjects such as Accounting Research Techniques, Accounting for Managers, China Accounting and Tax, Corporate Governance, Audit Framework and Financial Accounting.  She has also published in internationally recognized journals such as Accounting Review and Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance. 

Dr. Sun’s main research interest includes accounting, auditing, corporate governance, cultural difference and its impact on financial markets.  She is also interested in contract law related academic discussions.

Starting from 2007, Dr. Sun has been involved intensively in different administrative duties.  She has been serving in the program administration, various committees and councils at both the school and faculty levels.  She has also started to be involved in the accounting/law team administration since 2013.  Her contribution to colleagues and students has been well recognized.

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