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Dr Rui GE
  • Assistant Professor
2766 7037
2356 9845
Research Area:

Consulting, Research and Teaching Interests:
  • Production of Financial Information
  • Corporate Tax Avoidance
  • Corporate Finance

Dr. Rui GE joined Hong Kong Polytechnic University in July 2012. He received his PhD in Accounting from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He worked at Sun Yat-sen University from 2009 to 2012. 

His research interests are primarily in the areas of the production of financial information and corporate tax avoidance. His work has been published or accepted in Review of Accounting Studies, Journal of Contemporary Accounting and Economics, and others.

Dr. Ge is a member of the editorial board at the China Journal of Accounting Studies.

Do acquirers disclose good news or withhold bad news when they finance their acquisitions using equity? with Clive Lennox, Review of Accounting Studies,2011, Vol. 16, 183-217.

Stock liquidity and corporate tax avoidance. with Yangyang Chen, Henock Louis and Leon Zolotoy, Review of Accounting Studies, Forthcoming.