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Dr Jacqueline WANG
  • Teaching Fellow
2766 7107
2356 9550
Research Area:
Finance & Financial Services

Consulting, Research and Teaching Interests:
  • Behavioural economics, finance, and accounting
  • Corporate governance and compensation
  • Corporate finance

Dr. Jacqueline Wang teaches courses in Business Finance, Corporate Finance, and Theories & Models in Finance. Her research interests lie in the area of Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance and Capital Markets. Her papers appear in International journal and conference proceedings.

Yu, W., Lui, E., and Wang W.J., 2010. The Predictive Power of Implied Volatility of Options Traded OTC and on Exchanges. Journal of Banking and Finance, 34(1), 1-11.

Wang, W.J., and Yu, W., 2015. The Information Content of Stock Prices, Legal Environments, and Accounting Standards: International Evidence. The European Accounting Review, 24(3), 471-493.

Tang, S.L., Wang, W.J., Yan, H., and Hao, G., 2015. Low Carbon Logistics: Reducing Shipment Frequency to Cut Carbon Emissions, International Journal of Production Economics, 164, 339-350.

Wang, W.J., and Yu, W., 2017. Insider ownership and analyst forecast properties. Journal of Accounting, Auditing & Finance, Forthcoming.

Tang, S.L., Wang, W.J., Cho, S. and Yan, H., 2017. Reducing Emissions in Transportation and Inventory Management: (R, Q) Policy with Considerations of Carbon Reduction. European Journal of Operational Research, Accepted for publication.