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Dr George WONG
  • Associate Head
  • Associate Professor
BCom (1st Hon), Actuarial Science; PhD, Finance
The University of Melbourne
3400 3459
2330 9845
Research Area:
Finance & Financial Services

Consulting, Research and Teaching Interests:
  • Corporate decisions
  • Behavioral corporate finance
  • Environmental Finance

Dr. Wong received his Bachelor of Commerce in Actuarial Science (with first class honours) and PhD in Finance from the University of Melbourne in 2000 and 2006, respectively.

Before joining the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2008, Dr. Wong taught at Monash University in Australia from 2006 to 2008, in which he was awarded Dean's Commendation for Teaching Excellence in 2007.

Dr. Wong’s research focuses on corporate decisions, behavioral corporate finance and environmental finance. 

Do Corporate Policies Follow a Life-Cycle? with Robert Faff, Wing Chun Kwok, and Edward Podolski, Journal of Banking and Finance, forthcoming.

Cash Flow Sensitivities and the Allocation of Internal Cash Flowwith Xin Chang, Sudipto Dasgupta, and Jiaquan Yao, Review of Financial Studies, 2014, 27 (12), 3628-3657.

Financial Constraints and Stock Returns - Evidence from Australiawith Howard Chan, Xin Chang, and Robert Faff, Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, 2010, 18 (3), 306-318.

Does the More Risk-averse Investor hold a Less Risky Portfolio?International Review of Finance, 2009, 9 (3), 319-333.

The Cross-Sectional Determinants of Post-IPO Stock Performance: Evidence from China with Xin Chang, Shi Hua Lin, and Lewis Tam, Accounting and Finance, 2009, 50 (3), 581-603.

The Real Impact of Stock Market Mispricing - Evidence from Australia with Xin Chang, Lewis Tam, and Tek Jun Tan, Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, 2007, 15 (4), 388-408.

Effects of Financial Constraints on Corporate Policies in Australiawith Xin Chang, Tek Jun Tan, and Hongfeng Zhang, Accounting and Finance, 2007, 47 (1), 85-108.