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Dr David LI
  • Lecturer
The University of Hong Kong
2766 4996
2356 9550
Research Area:

David worked as a financial and technological practitioner in international firms after receiving his MBA and BSc. in Computer Engineering degree from the University of Iowa and the University of Texas at Austin respectively. He got his Ph.D. degree from the University of Hong Kong while working in PolyU. In PolyU, he teaches undergraduate and postgraduate level courses in the Accounting and Information Systems areas. He wrote a book relating to the use of the MYOB accounting software. His research work has been accepted or published in the Journal of Computer Information Systems, Internet Research Journal, International Conference on Electronic Business and World Business Ethics Forum. David is a member of HKICPA.

LI, David (2016), Do managerial ethics and legal education influence online privacy policies in Greater China? Conference Proceedings of the 6th World Business Ethics Forum, Hong Kong Baptist University, 11-13 December 2016.

LI, David (2015), Online security performances and information security disclosures, Journal of Computer Information Systems, 55(2), pp. 20 - 28.

LI, David (2011), Online social network acceptance: a social perspective. Internet Research, 21(5), pp. 562 – 580.

LI, David (2010), Acceptance of Social Network Web Sites: The effects of social influence. International Conference on e-Business.