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Dr Alice SHIU
  • Associate Professor
  • Co-Team Leader of Econ.
PhD, BEc
University of New South Wales
2766 4016
2356 9550
Research Area:

Consulting, Research and Teaching Interests:
  • Environmental and energy economics
  • International economics and development economics

Dr. Shiu graduated from the University of New South Wales, Australia, with an Honours degree of Bachelor of Economics. She went straight from an Honours degree to doctoral  study and obtained her Doctor of Philosophy degree in Economics in the same university. She was awarded the postgraduate scholarship for her doctoral study.

Dr. Shiu worked as a part-time lecturer and tutor at School of Economics in University of New South Wales from 1996-1999. She started her academic career in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University since 2000. In the same year, she was awarded the 2000 Nancy Ruggles Travel Grant to attend the International Association for Research in Income and Wealth 26th General Conference held in Cracow, Poland.

Dr. Shiu’s current research interests focus on empirical examination of Hong Kong public policies. Her previous research interests include the measurement of efficiency and productivity in energy and telecommunications sectors in China and on the investigation of the relationship of growth in those sectors to China’s economic growth. Her research work has been presented in international conferences and published as book chapters and in refereed journals such as Applied Energy, Managerial and Decision Economics, Telecommunications Policy, Journal of Productivity Analysis, Review of Income and Wealth, Review of International Economics and others.

Dr. Shiu was the co-investigator of two CERG projects and the principal investigator of a number of departmental research grant projects during the period of 2002 to present. In 2010, Dr. Shiu was invited to present her telecommunications research in the Sixth Annual Asia-Pacific Economic Association Conference and she was invited to present her efficiency research in the DEA Symposium, which was held in Osaka University Nakanoshima Center in 2007.

As a member of the School of Accounting and Finance, Dr. Shiu is responsible to teach both undergraduate and postgraduate subjects in economics and econometrics. She was the co-chair for the mini-conference on Economics of Environment held on the 14th of June, 2013. She served as subject coordinators for undergraduate and postgraduate subjects and has been member for Departmental Learning and Teaching Committee, Departmental Management Committee, Board of Faculty of Business and Departmental Research Committee.

(i) Refereed Journal Articles   

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(ii) Book Chapters

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SHIU, A. & ZELENYUK, V. (2011).  Exploring Research Frontiers in Contemporary Statistics and Econometrics: A Festschrift in Honor of Leopold Simar. Production Efficiency versus Ownership: The Case of China: Springer Publishing.