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Academic Programme Directors/Leaders

BBA (Hons) in Accountancy Mr Percy WONG Programme Leader 2766-7036
Mr Raymond CHAN Assistant Programme Leader 2766-7029
BBA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance Dr K. P. YUEN Programme Leader 2766-7030
Dr Francis LAM Assistant Programme Leader 2766-7084
BBA (Hons) in Financial Services Dr Jacqueline WANG Programme Leader 2766-7107
Dr Derek YIM Assistant Programme Leader 2766-4409
Doctor of Business Administration* (HK) Prof. Wilson Tong Programme Director 2766-4399
Doctor of Management* (offered on the Chinese mainland) Prof. Wilson Tong Programme Director 2766-4399
Dr Jiang Li Deputy Programme Director 2766-4672
MSc in Business Management* (Full-time) Dr Andy Chui Programme Director 2766-7105
MSc in China Business Studies* (Full-time) Dr Yang Lei Programme Director 3400-3457
Master of /PgD in Professional Accounting (Mixed-mode) Dr Huang Yuan Programme Director 2766-7953
Dr Jody Wong Programme Manager 2766-4074
Master of Corporate Governance
Dr Sunny Sun Programme Director 2766-7063
Dr Bruce Li Programme Manager 2766-7034
MSc in Accountancy (Mixed-mode) Dr Zhang Yong Programme Director 3400-3452
Dr Anson Wong Programme Manager 3400-3451
Master of Finance Scheme Prof. Louis Cheng Programme Director 2766-7140
 -Corporate Finance
Dr Allen Ng Deputy Programme Director 3400-3453
 -Investment Management
 -Investment Management
Dr Gang Li Deputy Programme Director 2766-7136
 -Financial Economics in
  Energy & Environment)
Dr Allen Ng Deputy Programme Director 3400-3453
MSc in Accounting and Finance Analytics (Mixed Mode) Dr Tian Feng Programme Director 2766-7109
Dr Justin Law Programme Manager 2766-4443

* Programmes offered by Faculty of Business

Doctor of Philosophy Prof. Jeffrey Ng Programme Director 2766-7099
Prof. Walid Saffar Co-Director 2766 7059