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Recent Achievements

  1. PolyU’s Business & Management Studies ranks 40th in the world. Please click here for details.

  2. The School has been awarded 19 GRF/ECS projects in the 2017/18 exercise.

  3. Faculty members of the School have published over 51 articles in top journals since Jan 2012.

  4. Recipients of Faculty Awards and FB Fellow Award


    • Dr Walid Saffar - Faculty Award for Research and Scholarly Activities
    • Dr Zhang Shaojun - Faculty Prize for Teaching
    • Dr YC Chan, Dr George Wong - Faculty Prize for Services
    • Dr Wan Kam-Ming, Dr Tang Feng - Faculty Prize for Teaching (Team)


    • Dr Haitian Lu - FB Fellow Award and Faculty Prize for Services
    • Dr Alice Shiu - Faculty Award for Teaching


    • Prof. Louis Cheng - Faculty Award for Services
    • Prof. Xu Xinpeng - Faculty Prize for Teaching
    • Dr Walid Saffar - Faculty Prize for Research and Scholarly Activities


    • Prof. CS Agnes Cheng – FB Fellow Award
    • Dr Woo-jong Lee – Faculty Award for Research and Scholarly Activities
    • Dr Felix Mezzanotte, Dr Stephen Chan, Mr Leo Sek, Ms Rain Huang – Faculty Award for Teaching (Team)
    • Dr Samuel Chan, Dr Daniel Cheung, Dr Teresa Fung, Dr Jody Wong, Mr Percy Wong – Faculty Award for Services (Team)


  5. Other staff achievements

    (i) Prof. James Ohlson

    • inducted into The Accounting Hall of Fame at the American Accounting Association Annual Meeting in Chicago on 10 August 2015.

    (ii) Prof Wilson Tong

    • Co-Principal Investigator of the RGC Theme-based Research Scheme Project of $15M  (with HKU as the Project Co-ordinator)

    (iii) Prof Xu Xinpeng

    • served as an expert consultant to the Organization for Economic and Cooperation and Development (OECD) during the period December 2012 to June 2013. The objective of the consultancy project is to estimate the industry level productivity growth path using farm level data and identify drivers of productivity growth with a special interest in policy impact. The project was completed successfully.
    • appointed as Co-Editor of the Journal of Chinese Economics and Business Studies, the only journal based in Europe (Oxford U.) focusing on Chinese economy and business studies.