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Recent Achievements

  1. PolyU’s Business & Management Studies ranks 52nd in the world. Please click here for details.

  2. The School has been awarded 15 GRF/ECS projects in the 2021/22 exercise.

  3. Faculty members of the School have published over 90 articles in top journals since Jan 2012.

  4. Recipients of Faculty Awards and FB Fellow Award


    • Dr Jingran Zhao - Faculty Award for Teaching
    • Mr Philip Chan - Faculty Prize for Teaching
    • Dr Shuran Zhang - Faculty Prize for Research and Scholarly Activities
    • Dr YC Chan - Faculty Prize for Services
    • Dr Lolita Edralin – Faculty Prize for Services
    • Dr Lolita Edralin, Dr Sudeep Ghosh, Dr Justin Law, Dr David Li – Faculty Prize for Teaching (Team)