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Technology Workshop in Fintech

AF launches Technology Workshop to help students Fill the Knowledge Transfer Gap in Fintech Area by sharing the real world’s impact of technology on finance, accounting, and law.

The workshop will feature important Fintech topics such as Blockchain, Virtual Bank, RegTech, InsurTech and Entrepreneurship in Fintech. The practitioners act as guest lecturers to share practical insights on designated Fintech topics, and PolyU professors act as facilitators to elevate experience into knowledge. The network sessions build stronger G-U-I partnerships. Through the workshop, students facilitate and evaluate the impact of FinTech solutions for various industries; articulate the uses of Fintech and Fintech related technologies; analyze how competing interests may influence the way FinTech performs in different sectors; examine how FinTech has altered financing through new forms of capital raising; and identify the framework of FinTech startups and acquire basic knowledge of Fintech entrepreneurship.

Addressing the launch dinner, Professor Haitian Lu, Associate Dean of FB introduced the aim and expectation of Technology Workshop and said, “Let us work together for the betterment of HK’s Fintech Future”. Professor Tian Feng, the director of Master of Science in Accounting and Finance Analytics, gave a comprehensive introduction of the MAFA Program and proposed the possible outcome of Technology Workshop.

The attended senior experts in the field of financial technology practice shared their expertise and experience in Fintech area.

Professor Agnes Cheng, Head of AF, said “The Technology Workshop and MAFA program are just the start, we aim to have impact on the HK government FinTech policy setting and industry development.”